Marouatte Castle Accommodations
Bedrooms and living areas

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There is a place inside all of us where vitality and passion flow.

Chateau Marouatte, exterior
Chateau Marouatte, exterior
The peaceful harmony of Chateau Marouatte is incomparable, bringing you close to that place where inner aliveness meets the outer force of nature.

This majestic environment is the perfect ambiance to get back to your own roots and reanimate your intrinsic spirit.

During the day, it is an ideal setting to connect your mind, body and soul through the practice of meditation, yoga or simply walking along beautiful unspoiled nature paths.

In the evening, the clear nights will take your breath away as the Milky Way lights your walk along the fields and you delight at the graceful sight of Marouatte's silhouette against the starry sky.

Chateau Marouatte, exterior
Chateau Marouatte, exterior
An amazing opportunity to experience spiritual awareness in the grandeur and quietness of it all.

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